Saturday, June 25, 2016

What Happens When You Do Not Change The Oil in Your Vehicle

I know it's hard to believe we serviced  or should I say sent a many engines to the auto grave yard. Why? The Engine oil was never changed.. I mean never.

Watch the video and see what an engine looks like when the oil is never changed.

Make sure you change your oil as recommended by your Vehicle Manufacture.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Problems with Auto Repair Quotes

Ever get an ad and head to the store, only to not find what you Want? The old Bait N' Switch, did the salesman convince you to buy a substitute?  In calling an auto repair shop to get an estimate, many times a very attractive price will be offered, hence you take your vehicle in for repair, only to have a call back from the shop that the situation is worse than originally thought. This is what nobody wants.

The nature of a quote is to find out what something is going to cost. It is dangerous to bite on the lowest estimate because... 1st,  sometimes the cheapest provider is not the best and then cheap becomes a problem. 2nd, often the final price is way different than quote. Quotes can be damaging for all parties involved. Many times what your friend or even another shop has told is bad on your car is not the case.  Over the years we have seen misperceptions of  a cars needs go both way.  Sometimes the issue is not a huge it is small, other times we have seen what is thought to be a small issue turn out to be a bad engine or transmission.  We encourage people to let us determine the issue before Speculation Gone Wild happens.  Manage expectations with fact not fictions.

At our shop we try to not quote because if anything changes a customer is thinking "what's the deal". We approach repairs by first assessing the true needs of the vehicle, next we call with an estimate and projected time of repair.  Sometimes while repairing other problems or issues arise, and this is when we start taking and sending pictures to our customers or maybe we say come up to shop so we can display the issue.

Our goal is to keep the customer informed of the facts and explain the repair in understandable language and offer as many realistic options as possible.  Remember all quotes are not created equally.  Also what quality do you want in parts and repairs, or is it all about Price.

Chasing the lowest price will put you in a loop of bad, low end providers.  It is not likely you will ever find a shop you will like.  At Jerrys we work with our customers to find the right mix of price and quality if possible.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Day in a the life of a Auto Mechainc

Wake up early knowing that today there will be problems to resolve. Drink copious amounts of strong coffee to give us the Octane to Overcome. Next the morning briefing of what these crazy cars are doing.  By this time with High Blood Pressure and hearts pumping blood at blowout pressure to our brains, the mechanical melee begins.

Strike one the car is acting fine... no trace of the issue.  First car, relegated to run it and Wait and See.  Car two,  have to drive for 30min like on commute to work before it starts acting up.  Grab the computer and hook it up, start driving around and monitor the data streams for irregular performance.

Yes, these are the days in  the life of a mechanic. At Jerry's Garage we love these days because we keep you safe and secure on the road.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

How to buy a used car without getting Burnt

Often a person does not want to buy a new car for many reasons, thus a used car is considered.
The ownership experience whether great, bad or somewhere in between is usually dictated by: 1 the manufacturer  ie Honda or maybe a Lamborghini, 2 how did the previous owner maintain and how was the vehicle utilized.

Not all cars are created equally, some manufacturers and year models are know for specific problems. Do some research. Also some vehicles are very expensive to maintain, while others are quite affordable.

Know what you want, start exploring your needs and desires.  Everyone looses when a car is purchased and it is not what you want or need, maybe it is not dependable.  Are you going to take care of a car that you do not like, are you going to subject your self to a bad owner experience?
Make sure you fit in the car and that the drivers seat feels good, drive the car for 30min to an hour.  If you cannot get comfortable, who cares about price it is not for you. Price of vehicle only is a factor once you know what you want or need.

What to avoid when buying a car:

1. any seller that will not let you take the vehicle to a shop to have a Buyer's Inspection- which can reveal all types of problems that the seller want to avoid.
2. any car that the check engine light is on or any car that has had the computers memory cleared recently.

How to Increase your chance of buying a good used car

1. Take to a quality auto shop and have the inspect for leaks, computer issues, body damage or paint and body repairs,  estimate currently needed repairs, road testing. Ask your mechanic what he know about their reliability and or know issues.  Take estimated repairs to Seller and negotiate the price down.

2. Make sure you drive the car at highway speeds and do some stop and go driving, work all the windows and electronics.

3. Try to find a vehicle that you like and if it ever needs repairs you will not be hesitant to repair.  After 30 years at the shop it amazes me how many people hate their cars, and they don't like us. Happy Owner = Car that get proper care = Mechanic who appreciated by Owner.

4. get a Car Fax.  This is a basic tool to find out was this car a rental in a state that has sleet and snow and thus salt on the road and then the rust will come.  Did the car have many owners or just a few?  NOTE- a car fax is not all revealing, at our shop we have found many cars that have had Major Body work and no insurance company reported the repair.  A customer of ours has a car that cannot be aligned because her frame is bent, and the car fax did not show any repairs.  It is so bad that the front tires have to be replaced every 6 months. How can this can happen? If a person pays for a repair out of pocket and does not involve the insurance company.

Short Video On Buying a Used Car.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tips for Tires On Your Car and Truck

Funny, how the only Safety Item which contacts the road is the one item we all like to skimp on, me included. Buying tires is an expensive and sometimes a confusing task. Generally speaking better quality tires will be easier to balance and closer to being perfectly round. Yes all tires appear round but I have seen new tires that are all out of round and hop and cause noise and develop bad wear pattern (cupping and feathering). Know your self, if you never get your tires balanced or rotated do not waste your money to buy quality. Buy the proper size and load rated tire. Many times people by a car tire for a large suv, which should have a LT tire (Light Truck) because the are less expensive. Ultimately they will not wear properly and decease their projected lifespan. Traction rating is important to some people, and usually the higher the traction rating the less mileage you will get but they will get more traction and will be quieter. To get the most from you tires lives, keep them properly inflated and rotate all four every 10,000 miles.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

How to Improve Your Gas Mileage

Like Jerry says "some people drive their cars like a light switch", meaning they are all in the gas or all in the brake. Transitioning from stops to cruising or vise versa has much to do with gas mileage. Temperance while accelerating and developing space between your vehicle and another allows more coasting and less braking hence less accelerating. Also when approaching a stop light begin coasting long before the brakes need to be applied to stop. The #1 way to increase gas mileage is to have your tires properly inflated. Don't buy any snake oil mileage gimmicks. We did a lot of work a few years ago when people bought the airnado devices which supposedly would swirl the air to help mix with the gas in the engine. What a total rip off. The #2 rip off was the magnets that went around the fuel lines to allegedly make the hydrocarbons molecules equally disperse thus making combustion more efficient.

We like to offer tips for our clients and readers.  Little actions we take usng our vehicle will help save you money in the long run.  Gas is at a good price right now however, I think we all realize prices will not remain low forever.

Todd Frank
Owner Jerry Garage

Thursday, August 13, 2015

How to Know When Your Air or Cabin Filter Needs Changing in Your Car

It is always a good time to buy. It cannot always be a good time to buy what somebody is selling. Next time you are told you need an air filter, or cabin air filter, ask to see it. If you can hold it up to the sky and see light coming through the pleats it does not need to be replaced. Check your records if you are replacing your vehicles air and cabin filters more than once in three years you are most likely being retailed. Exceptions would be if your constantly shedding dog shares a lot of windshield time with you, or if you drive in a very dusty environment frequently.

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