Monday, May 26, 2014

We decided the best way to reach our market Blog Baby.. We are going to mix  some videos and some auto repair tips to help you.  The tips we offer are for educational purposes only.  We highly recommend you see your mechanic.

Most of our videos are demonstrations and very basic.  Hopefully this will keep you informed .  More and more folks are holding onto vehicles longer.  This means paying attention to maintenance schedules.

One of the most important regular items to keep your car running.  Change your Oil.  You might be surprised to know lots of folks do not. The video below will help explain why you need to Change your Oil.

Follow the Manufactures guide.  That little book in your glove box.  We are located in Round Rock Texas.
Visit our Website and let us be your local service provider for all your Auto Repair.

Please share our blog.  After all were just auto guys learning how to blog.. Help us..