Thursday, June 25, 2015

Quality of Auto Parts (Cheap vs Dealer)

We are all looking for a good deal, right? At Jerry's Garage we take a realistic approach to the parts we use to repair your vehicles. We usually give our customers as many options as possible and will issue warnings if needed. A childhood friend of mine needed a hub bearing for his truck a year ago, and a cheap bearing was around $200 and a dealer bearing was almost $500.

 I explained to  him the dealer bearing would last longer, he opted for the cheaper price.

Here we are a year later putting a new OEM (original equipment manufacturer) bearing on to replace the aftermarket bearing.  Be aware Cheaper is not always less expensive if you pay for the job twice. 

If a job is expensive in labor to replace a part, would you rather risk putting a cheap part in or would you want the best part available? At Jerry's we advise our customers based off our knowledge and experience. We provide out customers with best information and pu the final choice in our customers hands.

We are located in Round Rock Texas.  Family owned business open the doors in 1967.  We take great pride in taking care of our customers.

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