Thursday, April 14, 2016

Day in a the life of a Auto Mechainc

Wake up early knowing that today there will be problems to resolve. Drink copious amounts of strong coffee to give us the Octane to Overcome. Next the morning briefing of what these crazy cars are doing.  By this time with High Blood Pressure and hearts pumping blood at blowout pressure to our brains, the mechanical melee begins.

Strike one the car is acting fine... no trace of the issue.  First car, relegated to run it and Wait and See.  Car two,  have to drive for 30min like on commute to work before it starts acting up.  Grab the computer and hook it up, start driving around and monitor the data streams for irregular performance.

Yes, these are the days in  the life of a mechanic. At Jerry's Garage we love these days because we keep you safe and secure on the road.