Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Do you want your car Repaired or Retailed?

Often at our business we will have, soon to be happy customers, bring us quotes from our competitors because they think something is awry. Often their suspicions are correct, because they have been retailed. Being retailed occurs when a sales person depends on gross sales to make a decent pay check.  So basically, if they want to make money they have to sell a lot of parts and or service.

This begs the question as to the integrity of a person who would do this to another.  I recommend a person have a healthy dose of skepticism to recommendations and understand most chain or dealerships have their compensation plans based largely on sales volume. So it is not that the person is naturally deceptive, it is that they are forced by corporate desire for high sales. 

Our philosophy is simple... "If it is not broke don't fix it"  If you live near Round Rock Texas drop by and see us.. Our Webiste.

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