Friday, March 20, 2015

Goldilocks Manintenance .5 Oil Changes

How often should I change my oil? Depending upon the operational environments of your vehicle, quality of oil, quality of filter, and characteristic of engine determine the frequency of an oil change.

For you diesel truck owners who really work your vehicle hard, take a few thousand off your the manufactures normal maintenance schedule, see if there is a severe maintenance schedule.

For gas vehicles that have short duration trips more often is better.  Engines are vented via air intake (starts before the filter) and vented at the heads which go to the exhaust (ending at muffler and tail pipe).  Have you ever noticed all the water that comes out of your muffler and tail pipe when a car is started after sitting overnight, or all the steam when it is cold out side? Well trust me it happens... So with short duration drives a vehicles engine never gets to operational temperature and if the does it does not stay there long before being turned off.  Hence the oil never has the opportunity to cook off the moisture or impurities, which enter the engine when it cools off.

Commuters, can run the oil a lot longer due to the engine and its' oil being at operational temperature for long periods of time.   At Jerry's we have many customers who run synthetic oil with a premium filter,  who run 10k to 12k miles between oil changes.  We do recommend if you choose this route to change the filter out at the halfway mark.

Remember, if you have oil leaks to keep the correct level, don't wait the a warning light come on.

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